Thursday, June 08, 2006

Just Dance

I have been in a pickle for some time now. If it hasn't been hot flashes its been my new medicine for my high blood pressure that's hard to get used to. Or maybe its the process of letting go of Sarah and all the new changes in my life. Or the heat, its too damn hot already. I long for a trip to the beach. Too bad its almost 800 miles away. So instead I remembered how at the wellness festival I enjoyed dancing so much so I put on some music and a flowy skirt and danced away. Wow that felt great.

Next week we take Sarah up to University of Montana in Missoula for orientation. I am looking forward to some nice time away. I plan a trip walk the Labyrinth at my friend Patty's place, the Redsun Labyrinth Its a wonderful magical place and walking the labyrinth is such a cool thing.

Knitting and Spinning

I have been knitting on the leaf lace shawl and just loving it. I will take a picture of it soon. Its a beautiful shade of purple yarn which I have wanted to make something out of for a long time. I have not had too many problems with the pattern so that has been great.

I have been spinning some grey shetland from one of Robbie's fleece that I kept for myself. It is beautiful stuff. Amy and I decided to do lots of spinning this summer so we plan to go to the park at least once a week and drag our wheels and get some work done.

Drawing and Collage

On the drawing and collage front, I have been decorating the covers of 2 journals and doing collage on the inside too!. The other day I pasted some maps in a page and then painted over it with watercolors. That was quite fun. I haven't decided what else I will do with the pages but something will evolve. I put out a call for old magazines to a couple groups I belong to. I just heard from a book and collage artist who is divesting of all her old magazines and art stuff so that is going to be great. I will stop and pick up the stuff tonight. It will probably be quite a haul.

I took my journal to the greenbelt to draw but instead I ended up adding watercolors to some old drawings. That was fun. I tried the trick of adding a little soap to a Niji waterbrush and used it in the moleskine and it worked fairly well. I have pretty much reserved the moleskine for drawings and pulled out a journal Peggy gave me a few years back. Its beautiful and has all hand made paper. I was going to use it exclusively for writing but I found myself embellishing it too! I played with some different medium the other day. I tried oil pastel and colored pencil, watercolors pencil, soft pastel, watercolors. It seemed to take all of it well except the watercolors really seeped through the paper. It was fun to see how the oil pastel just stayed on the surface of the texture of the paper. I need to play with those some more. I don't use them since I don't know how they are normally used but there is no reason I can't just play around with them and find my own way.

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Terri /Tinker said...

Hi, I came over from Violette's site. I was wondering about why you put soap on your brush when using watercolor in your moleskin journal...and how & what kind of soap, etc. Does it require less water then?
Thanks for sharing!