Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting out for a walk

I was really feeling great yesterday but today I have gotten a relapse and have a bad sinus/cold thing going on. Its the pits.

I did manage to take Flynn for a walk. We walked down to the canal and on the other side for awhile. He sure was having fun. I swear he went in the water a dozen times, It has been months since we have been able to do that. It about killed my foot though. I am sore tonight. Looks like it will be awhile before I can do that.

We found out yesterday that Sarah got a scholarship from Jiffy Lube for 500.00. That will sure help out. We haven't heard from any of the other scholarships that she applied for. I hope she get another one or two. She brought home her cap and gown today. It turns out that the cap does not match the gown. Its a slight variance in color. I figure that the caps are new and the gowns are old and faded. They don't look that bad but it is sort of annoying.

My womens knitting group tried out a new coffee house yesterday. This one had better lighting but the parking was awful. I swear that every place has its little drawback. We see how this one works for a little while. I just have to get there early and parking won't be an issue.

I got a new mouse and I am loving it. When I got my laptop I bought a cordless mouse and it worked pretty good but I was always replacing batteries. Then the port connection started malfunctioning and then I had continual problems with it. It just stopped working period so I went and got a a new one. this time I got a logitech with a cord and it working great. I am happy camper.

I did some drawings today, but nothing I want to post. I seem out of my groove right now. I think the cold has me down in more ways than one.

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