Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Visual Journaling and 1 st watercolor

I sat down and did my first visual journal page. Focus was on my inability to focus on new things I want to learn. So I created this page


I also wrote out some affirmations that I think will be helpful. I decided it is mostly fear. If I don't work on something I can never fail but if I read books and magazines about a subject I still get the thrill out of it. It satisfies for a little while but still the desire to write or paint does not go away. I think its time I conquered that so here goes. My watercolor exercize for lesson 2, just a simple landscape utilizing lifting techniques. I like how the sky looks and am so glad I just finally sat down and did it.

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Pam Aries said...

Hi Kate! It'sme Pam Aries from Violette's! How are ya! I thinkyour art is great!! Have you ever read The Artist's Way??? It ia the most helpful artist's book !!! MY ATC's are on the way! Pam Aries

Lin said...

VERY VERY NICE! I love the way you've applied your washes and colors!! And your composition is superb!

Thorn said...

great landscape, and I agree, the sky looks nice...thorn