Saturday, April 15, 2006

EDM challenge 58, 61

I have been playing catch up so here are is my challenge 58-hat. The first hat I did was pretty bad so I tried it again and this one is a little better.


I had a pleasant day yesterday. I went to the Greenbelt. This is an area along the Snake River which runs throught my town. There is a waterfall, lots of trees and an area where lots of geese and ducks and people hang out. It was beautiful, the falls were just roaring. I took my lunch and sketchbook and enjoyed myself. I found these pinecones lying about so I took them home and sketched them this morning. They are not as good as I would like but its a beginning. I found that moleskine paper does not erase easily, or perhaps I need to try a different type of eraser. I was using a kneaded one. This is my drawing for #61 a grouping.


Here are some sketches from my day out. This weed looked ok but my rendition on rocks needs help. So its back to Kates's First Steps in Drawing and Sketching book for some hints for next time.



Then I tried my hand on the gulls and geese that are so prevalent here. I ended up taking a trillion pics of the birds for some future references. I like to try them again and really portray their feathers correctly. What a pleasant day out sketching that was. Posted by Picasa


Sioux said...

Great sketches, Kate. I particularly like the pinecone grouping.

Teri C said...

It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful day Kate! And isn't that what it is all about?

These are wonderful little sketches!

Lin said...

GREAT SKETCHES!!!! LOVE the hat on the chair -- and especially the pine cones!! I have YET to be able to render that in any likeness -- but you did THREE of them -- TERRIFIC!!!

Super birds,too ....!!!