Tuesday, April 04, 2006

National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day is actually April 6th but it was celebrated here last Saturday. For me it was a culmulation of a lot of work and plenty of growth as a weaver. To recap our guild got a letter from a man named Tim Cayler, he is president of the Canyon County Scottish American Society and he was looking for a weaver. His project was to design a Tartan for the Canyon County Sheriffs department, have it accepted by the Royal Tartan Society and then have a piece presented to the sheriff. He had designed the tartan and just needed someone who could weave it for him. Now I am not Scottish but I married a Scot and always wanted to weave Tartan I just not done so yet. I explained my inexperience but Tim still had confidence in me so we went ahead. They purchased the yarn and sent it to me. This is where I began my journey.

I learned several things with this project.

1. When you sample make it a full size sample,
2. If you are weaving with singles yarn, size the warp it will save time,
3. Find another weaver who weaves what you are doing and ask for advice first.
4. Remember it could take you 3 times the amount of time you think it will.
5. Put on twice as much warp as you think you need.

I persevered and did finish the piece and it turned out fairly nice. The next step was for Tim to cut the piece and send half of it to the Royal Tartan Society to be approved. A tartan needs to registered, they will not approve it if there is another one like it. Tim took the other piece and had it framed.

Saturdays event was full of Scottish music, dance and a presentation of the Tartan to the sheriff and some recognition for me. It was very nice to be appreciated.


Here is a pic of the Canyon County Idaho Sheriff all framed up.


Here I am with Tim and Sheriff Smith


A group of pipers leading the parade into the room.


Here if the fiddler who played while Scottish country dancing was happening.


Here is the certificate that I received.

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