Thursday, April 06, 2006

More Spring Snow

I woke up this morning with Snow on the ground, it did look pretty but I worry anout my flowers and how the birds are all doing. Last night I had all this post-nasal drip so I was coughing a lot, took a cough drop and now I feel like world war 3 is in my mouth. I still seem to be recovering from the trip to the Dentist tuesday, I was there for a crown prep that took almost 2 hours. Yes a nightmare, my mouth is still sore. I planned today for art. I was going to do my watercolor exercizes for this week and the EDM challenge but I don't feel like doing anything but sitting, Maybe that will pass,

This afternoon we get to look at Sarah's proofs at the photography studio, I hope that they came out nice.

We had Women Knitters at the Villa yesterday. The ambiance is much nicer but the lighting isn't great. I ended up taking out what I had knit last night and redoing it. I hate that. I think I am going to bring my Ott light the next time. I had started a new pair of socks on the trip to Boise. They are out of Trekking XXL and man is that nice yarn. Maybe I will just knit today.

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