Monday, April 24, 2006

Earth Day and the Oxford Sketch Crawl

There were 2 worldwide sketch crawls held this weekend. Here is what I did. On Saturday I went to the local zoo to sketch animals. It was also Earth Day so it became quite crowded. I did manage a couple drawing but a less crowded day would have been better. I had my stool with me but some venues did not have much room so I ended up taking a lot of pictures for further reference. This was my first real time sketching in public. Most people saw that I was drawing, but did not say much. I had a little boy comment on how he liked my zebra. Now I wish I had asked him if he liked to draw too. Oh well next time.

On Sunday I went over to Oxford Dr. to see what was there to draw. It is a really short street, just a few houses. I was drawn to this stonework so I drew that and then the street sign. At home I drew my sweatshirt and the Thesaurus that my daughter Sarah bought in Oxford, when we were there two summers ago. This was fun to do. Someday I would love to go on a real sketch crawl with other people.

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Karen Winters said...

Kate, good for you for getting out and drawing in public - and on two days, no less. I hope you'll get some others to join you sometime. It really is a lot of fun in a group.


Lin said...

Hi Kate!!! Thanks so much for participating!! I love your zoo!!!! Or zoo is 2 hours drive away ...! And your Oxfords!! From dictionary to stonework -- beautifully done!! I hope too one day to crawl with a group .. maybe soon!

THANK you for sharing the day -- virtually -- with me!

Carole said...

Well done! Your zebra is wonderful - all properly stripey and curvey. You exercised a fair amount of ingenuity on the Oxford theme, and I love the results.

Sioux said...

Great sketches! Looks like you had a ball!!