Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Blue Skies Sunshine

Perhaps Spring is finally here. It's a beautiful day today. Everything I do say that it snows so I am keeping my fingers crossed this time. We definitely are getting more nicer days so that is a good sign.

I drew a plant at Jiffy Lube yesterday but I haven't a picture of it yet so that will have to wait. I have been busy with the watercolors class. I spent last night doing some of the exercises in this weeks lesson. I really loved playing with salt and rubbing alcohol. It does such interesting things to the wash. I am going to paint a seascape for lesson 4's painting but I have not decided what I should paint for this weeks final painting. The seascape will be of Cannon Beach, Oregon a place I was at more than 10 years ago but really loved. I hope I can do it justice.

Spring ATC Card swap
Well the Spring ATC Card swap has been competed and I got it all mailed out. I really enjoyed doing this with my new group of friends over at Violette's message board. I put all the cards in a flickr file. Here is a link to all the cards


I have had an annoying time with the Trekking XXL yarn. The yarn has been splitting so I have had these little loops on the back that look like dropped stitches. I should probably rip back to the ribbing. Just when I think I have taken out enough I still find a mess. GRRRR. So I picked up the red/black variegated sock.. I suppose I should get a pic of that, but once again the camera is in the car... next time.

I have been putting off sewing the rest of Sarah's badges on her vest. The Girl Scout award ceremony is Saturday. I have to get off my butt and do it. I want to try this afternoon. I wish all their patches were iron on, but they are not.

I have taken an idea from the yarn harlot, she has this Tuesdays are for spinning thing she does. I have decided to take my laptop and head into town on Tuesdays to write. Last week I went to the Villa coffee house which is nice but I can only stay 2 hours before I have to move my car. Yesterday I went to the Library, which worked ok but then I had to leave for lunch. I guess I will have to sneak some snacks in next time. When I can walk a little better I will just park at the library and then go to the villa. I have been working on writing possible magazine articles on my Tartan experience and The Thread Project. They are both continual works in progress. I work on them a little and then I get other ideas so it will be a long process. I have a few other ideas I am toying with too. It feels good to get out there doing somthing about this writing thing.

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