Monday, December 01, 2008

My petite dolls

I have been doing the Les Petite Dolls class with Suzi blu. By the way it really is an incredible class. It takes awhile to get good at something new. I don't have any of the fancy paints that she uses so my background don't have the same quality. I am still learning new techniques and that is what its all about.

This first one I plan on working on some more. I stamped butterfly's and used distress inks. I should have sprayed a working fixative on them before I added more paint. So yes they smeared. I will rework the background at a later date. My first time woodburning too. I need more practice at it.

This second piece was doing a painting on drawing paper. I like her a lot. I have a certain young friend I think would love this as a surprise gift. I am going to try this on watercolor paper next. As with new technique I think we get better and better at it the more we do it.


gemma said... had a busy November. Hope December will be more peaceful.
Enjoy your Petit Doll class. Looks fun!

Anne said...

I like how your Suzi Blu dolls are coming along! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Love them both. I think the background in the first one looks good like it is. Love Hugs and Blessings

violette said...

oh your dolls are soooo gorgeous! I love them have sure come a long way re: faces and bodies. Bravo!

love, violette

Judy Wise said...

Oh I love your paintings. Really wonderful. xo