Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I won

Look what I got today! This is the painting that I won from Zorana. It was a give away for her birthday. Lucky me. Thanks for being so generous Zorana.

The start of my garland I saw these on Laini Taylors blog and then found directions here

I too told myself I don't have time to make these but they were so cute and they are so much fun to make. I haven't enjoyed sewing so much in a long time. They are just felt and embroidery floss and you make them into a garland. Once again its simple things that can really bring joy.


Olivia said...

You always try so many fun things, Kate. The necklace does look like fun! Peace, O

Claire said...

i'm so glad you won zorana's painting - it's gone to a lovely home :o)
yuletide blessings, dear kate xxx