Monday, December 15, 2008

Introducing yourself

We got plenty of snow over the weekend and its supposed to be cold and snow a little bit everyday this week. I guess winter is finally here. It really looks like Christmas now. It is good to have my girl home.

I went to my drumming circle last night. There were five of us drumming by a warm fire sharing our journeys and life experiences. It really was wonderful. I am so thankful for Marilyn for holding these monthly gatherings. I meet new women every time and the connections are wonderful. I do struggle with the question what do you do? When I say I am an Artist, people ask oh what gallery are you in? If I say I am a writer they want to know what books you have published. Now last night I ended up saying I was a Jane of all trades, master of none. Now I wasn't happy saying that either. Identity is an uneasy thing for me. I have never fit in with the usual mold and find it hard to let someone know who I am in just a few words. How do you introduce yourself? Is it based on what you do or have done or what you are?

I drew this girl in church, I think I prefer paint or collaged papers for the dresses. Colored pencils and I are not friends yet, its all I had with me so I made do. I did add a little paint to the face when I got home. I like how she looks, maybe my next focus should be on clothing and the rest of the body.

I have had little time for Art lately, all these projects to finish before the 25th seem to take over my life. I am sure it is the same with many of you. I have hundreds of blogs to look at but alas that will have to wait. I am headed back to the loom. I hope you are having a great day.


Shopgirl said...

So we both have snow!!!!!watch your step...yes, I am being very careful.
What do I do for a living....nothing right now. I am a crafter, I try my hand at drawing, it always comes out funny.
I am a Grandma and Mother, full time wife....I write, but no book will you find in Barns and Noble. I craft for fun. Mostly for friends and family.
What do I do for a living...breath in and out and thank God that I can. Merry Christmas, Mary

Anonymous said...

I struggle with this too Kate. Usually, I say I "work for the phone company," which invariably leads to "oh, what do you do there?," which invariably leads to a long, boring description of the job I wish I didn't have. Trouble is, it's the only thing I feel like I can honestly say and support at this point. Sigh - I remember in Taos at one point, we were supposed to shout, "I am a writer" and I did it, but it was half-hearted at best and I'm still not sure I truly believe it (despite my Nanowrimo win).

Oh my - I'm not helping at all... I guess what I'd LIKE to say when asked the question is, "I'm a student of life, seeker of adventure, and a chronicler of experience." If pressed, I would like to follow with "it doesn't pay the bills, but it feeds my soul and that's the most important thing."

Merry Christmas my friend,

gemma said...

We have a drumming circle here in my town. I've never gone to it.
I want to and this may just have been the encouragement needed.
You are a talented artist. Whether showing in a gallery or not.

Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
I think you should set up an online Gallery for your Art.. Print some Business cards and when folks ask, just hand them a card and say, Visit sometime.. :) Spread the talent!!

I introduce myself as Traveler passing through. That takes the question from What I do, to "Oh, where have you been.." Then just describe your favorite places and maybe the folks you're talking to will have been there too..

Peace n fun, Kai

Pam Aries said...

My art is non existent lately. Email me ..I think I stillhave your old email and no phone # I got your message.