Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thankful for many things

This is a response to SuziBlu's thankful video. She challenged us to do a page on what we are thankful for. This was fun. I layed down a layer of water soluble oil pastels, painted over it with titanium white paint mixed with glazing liquid. Then I used stamps and Colorbox chalk ink and added words and a picture.

This one was in emulation of Kim at Queen of Arts. It was all about being grateful for yourself. It was fun to do. Sometimes its important to celebrate yourself. Not sure why I decided to just do it hand written but it does have a different look that way.

I am so excited I won a painting from Zorana. You can check out her entry to see what I have one. She gave it away to celebrate her birthday. How fun is that.... If you are unfamiliar with her she has a wonderful blog and paints beautiful faces.

Winners of my blogiversary gift are PJ, Sharee, Gemma and Ninnie. PJ and Sharee would you email me your address.


Lynn said...

I like your journal pages...very much. The pages you prepped and the things you wrote that you are thankful for. congrats on winning a prize too.

Anne said...

Hi, Kate! I love these journal pages! They are awesome! I like the stack of rocks you collaged into your Thankful page and how you changed it to thankFULL. And what a great idea to think about all the ways you are grateful for yourself! :-)

Pam Aries said...

Wow.. synCROWnicity! I was just looking at my pics of Sedona and the pylons of rocks!Yeah..! I really love it here in Portland. Speaking of rocks...this city Rocks!

PJ said...

wow...what a surprise :) Yes, I just recently found Zorana, too :)

Anonymous said...

Love your Thankful page. I am so excited to have won your anniversary contest. Love Hugs and Blessings

gemma said...

Awesome painting by Zorana.
Congrats you won!
Yay!!! Thank you
I'm excited I won your contest too!!!!

tinker said...

I like your journal pages, Kate. Congrats on your blogiversary, and to the lucky winners too!

misty said...

i love your pages too, kate!

what a wonderful idea, i will have to give it a go!
hope you are well and keeping warm!!