Saturday, December 27, 2008

A wonderful Day

We had a wonderful Christmas and I received some wonderful gifts. I have been wanting this for 2 years. I put it on a vision board back then and its exciting to really own it now. Its a Canon Rebel XSI and its going to take some time to learn how to use it. Since its so expensive I had agreed it could be my birthday present too. Then Dave decided we just couldn't afford it this year. Then the price was lowered by 250.00 just before Christmas so I got it after all.

I was pretty sure I was getting this since I had asked for it long ago. I have been using and old version of paint shop pro so I am excited to venture into the world of photoshop.

Sarah gave me the following to redo the bathroom in the basement.

The shower curtain.

and the rings to match.

Accessories, there is also a wastebasket. Now I need to figure out what color to paint the room and so forth

And then there was a little something to read.

My sister sent the Stewart Gill paints that I have been wanting to try.

Here is the felted hat made by my sister Peggy.
We had a wonderful dinner on the 25th. Each of us prepared something so it was a joint effort. My cornbread stuffing turned out fantastic and we now are letting Sarah always do the mashed potatoes because hers were excellent. As I sit here and look out the window the snow is gently falling. We have snow drifts as high as our mailbox, but the roads have been cleared so we can travel if we want to. We plan a trip to see a movie this afternoon.


Janet said...

You must have been a very good girl this year! You hit the jackpot with all those gifts. I love the red hat. And can't wait to see some photoshop art from you.

Happy New Year!!!

craftyhala said...

Sounds wonderful and thank you for the Christmas card. I love it and have it hanging up!

Olivia said...

Terrific Christmas presents, Kate!

I hope you saw Seven's wonderful, quite an experience.



Sandi Holland said...
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Sandi Holland said...

What pretty pics of your gifts and your blog heading is just lovely! Did you do the artwork? What did you use. Pastels?

You draw beautiful, poignant faces. I look forward to seeing more. I kind of wish I was snowed in with you so that all I could do all day is create art, eat and sleep. Lol!

I like the weaving that you do and the various media that you use in your artwork. I added you to my links list of Favorite Fellow Artists.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a perfect holiday. Have fun with that camera. Photoshop is addictive!!

Pam Aries said...

Good for you!