Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Works in progress

I spent the day working on this warp. It is really taking me a long time. I finished threading it, getting all the tangles out and had it almost wound onto the back beam when I discovered a problem. Had to pull it back through the heddles and adjust the stick on the back beam. I need to rewind it on now. A job for tomorrow. Its a mixture of reds rusts and grey that will become a shawl soon.

I took a break to play and finally finished this journal page for the Goddess art class I am taking with SuziBlu. I have had the picture glued down for a long time. It was fun to finally find some elements to add to the page. I am not used to working this big so it was a challenge. Now that I have done one of these I think I will go and work on the other two that I have started. I have been having a hard time getting in the art groove again. I'm hoping this page will help.


Olivia said...

Wow, Kate, you certainly are busy with beautiful art (both the weaving and the vision board). Congratulations on being creative, and on sharing it with us for inspiration! Love, O

goddess in the groove said...

Greetings Kate!
You popped up on my blog follower :). What a fabulous vision board. I have always wanted to weave...I hope one day to be able to shear, spin, dye, then weave something :). Happy New Year!

Laritza said...

I know that warp! It was fun day when we made it. Happy New Year.