Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raging snow storm outside

We are in the midst of a pretty nasty storm. Dave has gone to pick Sarah up from college and they are driving home in it. Keep them in your thoughts if you read this today.

I braved the elements when the wind died down a little to feed the birds. They were really suffering in the weather. My sheep take bad weather in stride, it doesn't faze them much at all. I started a fire just in case the power goes out which can happen frequently here. So far so good.

We bought our tree a couple days ago and I am finally getting in the Christmas mood, I have most of the house decorated and have been listening to some wonderful holiday music. It seems to set the mood. I finished making the presents that have to be mailed but now I need to knit a swatch for a lap robe for a friend whose cancer has come back for the third time. Sometimes its hard to fit it all in especially when unexpected things come up. I get to see my girl today so I am really excited about that.

I went to see this last night. It has taken forever to come here and I was happy to see it. I really loved the book and I have met Sue Monk Kidd several times. When I was in Charleston we actually talked about the movies being filmed. It felt good to finally see the final project. That Dakota Fanning is just one incredible actress. If you haven't seen it I recommend it highly. As with all movies you want them be totally like the book and they can't really be that. I always want more character development. Queen Latifa is August to me. All the actors did great jobs. Yes, there will be tears but worth it.

Ps...Sarah and Dave arrived home safe. It took them an extra hour and a half to get here. They traveled on glare ice, lots of snow, white out conditions but also had periods of clear where they could actually see where they were going. I am glad I was not driving. Anyways I am glad to have them home safe.


Tinker said...

You've met Sue Monk Kidd several times? How cool! I still haven't gotten to see the movie - even though they never are as good as the book, it's good to know that it at least isn't a disappointment.
Even though it seems cold here, I keep reminding myself that it's not really that bad compared to other places. Sending warm thoughts your way, Kate.

Pam Aries said...

Snow! Iam finally going to have snow ! well I am excited, but I am very glad your hub and daughter are safely home.Ican't believe I haven't seen Bees yet!

PJ said...

Hey that is neat about you knowing the author! Glad your family arrived safely esp. in those conditions! Your package arrived to me ALSO!!! BIG thank you! I've always wanted to try that type of bead work!!! I will promptly start it after the new year! What a treat- THANK YOU!

Sioux said...

I am so thankful they got home safely. Our boy graduated from college yesterday...amid wind (40 mph) but no rain/snow/etc., and we need moisture badly! We have fire conditions.

I read the Secret Life of Bees and can't wait to see the movie. A very good book!

craftyhala said...

Glad they made it safe and sound. We had a wild windy snow storm yesterday. It was crazy out.

gemma said...

I loved that movie!!!