Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wonderful Gifts

Angela tagged me with a meme of 7 statements about myself. So here they are. If you are reading this you are tagged.

1. I love the quote "Follow your Bliss" by Joseph Campbell. Its how I try to live my life.
2. My favorite poet in Mary Oliver, and my favorite poem by her is called The Journey.
3. I love books, I have several bookshelves full. Sometimes I will give one I don't need anymore away and other times I can not bear to part with them.
4. Blogging has changed my life in many ways, mainly with all the wonderful women that I have met all over the world. They are the best, you know who you are.
5. I like collecting rocks and shells, and other things from nature.
6. I like to help others find their creativity, When I taught classes it would irk me so much when women would say they weren't creative, I would say back everyone is creative and hope to show them a little of their own creativity.
7. I love keeping a journal, some I write in some I draw in, some I do both in. The worst thing for me would be to be somewhere with out pen and paper. I have a notebook of some sorts with me at all

I received another birthday gift. This time from Lisa Oceandreamer. She sent this hand painted mug and crown for my weaving room. She also sent some make your own prayer flags. I just love her work and she is just the sweetest person on the planet. Thanks Lisa.

Then I won Anna's birthday giveaway and got these. I just love the Angel, she is just gorgeous. The notebook is in my favorite color so you can't beat that. Thanks Anna.

Quote of the Day: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Act as though it were impossible to fail. Dorothea Brandt


Blue the Spa Girl said...

Beautiful gifts Kate...the mug and all is so great. Lisa is one talented dude.
So are you! Hope you are well.

Tan said...

Beautiful creations. I enjoyed reading your statements. My answers are at

tinker said...

Wonderful gifts, Kate - glad the Universe is heaping you with abundant goodies!

Loved reading your list - I love books - have tons; and I take a pen & sketchbook with me everywhere I go, too. Love that Joseph Campbell quote, too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Kate! Learned alot about ya. :) Gotta say that alot of those I felt like I wrote. LOLOLOLOL
The gifts from Lisa are wonderful! I soooo envy you for having that mug. Ohhh that is sooo beautiful!
WAY TO GO on winning Anna's work! WOOO HOOO! Those are sooo beautiful as well! :)

judie said...

Read your post, but I'm not tagged. Nope. UhUh. Nada. Kate, your blanket is lovely. I am envious of your talent and I know your friends were delighted to receive it. Happy Belated Birthday!

Kai said...

It's so neat to know about little things you like. I like collecting rocks and shells too, I'll have to find you a special one from NC.
PEace, Kai

Gemma said...

Hi Kate....Wonderful gifts from Lisa and Anna. I recieved your Shh pretty!!!

Tinker said...

Have a happy Mother's Day, Kate! xo