Thursday, May 24, 2007

New ideas, new projects and supplies

Quite often after I have attended a Fiber festival, a workshop or Art class I am filled with new ideas and just can't wait to start something new. It equivalent to Julia Camerons's Artist Date but on a bigger scale. Sometimes there is just so much information that you can be overwhelmed.

At Ann's booth I saw Susan's pattern for the Branching Leaf Scarf and thought I might make it out of some bamboo yarn I bought in Missoula this past year. It turned out the yarn was much too fine, so instead AI chose this Alpaca/Silk I got at the Needlepoint Joint last summer. The yarn is exquisite and the pattern seems easy so far. Maybe I can do lace. I had been wanting to find a nice scarf pattern and this fit the bill perfectly. This pattern is free at Knitty.

I have been making stitch markers. I have been using different kinds of findings to decide which kind I like best. All these beaded markers really jazz up your knitting.

I picked out these fabrics to use for the fabric book I will be making with Kristin Steiner at the Artnest retreat in Park City in June. It was hard picking out plain fabrics, they will really be embellished so you need to choose simple patterns. I went with pastels for that reason. Then here is a pic of fabrics that I had on hand that will go with those colors. Now I need to see what trims and other embellishments I can find to take with me.

I have found a way to handle all the slow computer time of late. I have this fleece from way back when I used to dye fleece in a crock pot. I have been flicking opening the ends of the locks. Then I will combine colors and put them on the drum carder and make some wonderful batts. I have this pile by my computer and i just do a little while I am waiting for things to load and so forth. It makes me think I am accomplishing something.

Here is the basket of locks.

Now the combed locks, they look so nice now.


Laritza said...

Don't card them. Just spin them from the locks then the colors will stand out they are

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Kate! New ideas are always a great thing! Your using those ideas show's others what a creative person you are!
I love this post!

Kai said...

WOW, those are such vivid and beautiful colours Kate.. Like a Deep blue sky at sunset..
PEace, Kai.

Lisa said...

So much eye candy in this post. I love your stitch markers!

Tinker said...

Beautiful - I love these colors!

susan said...

The scarf looks lovely. And speaking of inspiration, I can't stop looking at the fabulous Key Lime roving I bought from you. It's illuminating my knitting room! ;)