Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I think they liked it!

Some of you may wonder if I really finished that blanket on time. Yes I finished weaving on Wednesday, spent Thursday repairing mistakes and twisting the fringe, which gave me Friday to wash and let it dry. It was a surprise gift for friends Fred and Jo Knowlton. They raise sheep and do a tremendous amount for the spinning community I wanted them to know how much they were appreciated.

On Saturday morning when I got up we had almost a blizzard, yes it was snowing like a banshee. I waited an hour to leave when it let up a little. I had an uneventful drive and then arrived to the pandemonium of spinners in search of fleeces. I was all set to pick up a fleece for my friend Amy, so I headed to the fleece area once I put my stuff down. Luckily I did since there was not much left at that point. I got her a beautiful grey fleece I know she will love.

Right before lunch we presented the blanket. They were totally surprised which was good. Sometimes keeping things a secret can be difficult. There were a lot of people involved. I got Dee Jo's daughter in law to get a hold of the mailing list so I could write everyone and ask for yarn donations. A special thanks to Shirley who gave me stamps for the mailing and spun extra yarn for me. Thanks also to all those spinners who donated their time and talent. The gift was quite a success, I am sure that Fred an Jo know they are loved and appreciated by all of us.

Here are Fred and Jo all wrapped up in their blanket.

Thursday we go and pick up Sarah from College. It is hard to believe that she's ready to come home for the summer. How time flies.

Quote if the Day
: If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
-Thomas A Edison


LisaOceandreamer said...

That blanket is absolutely phenomanal...what a fabulous gift and just seeing their faces you can clearly see how much they loved it!!
WOW, that did go by fast with Sarah coming home already, it seems like yesterday you were driving her up to school!!

Kai said...

Kate if a picture is worth a thousand words, the joy on their faces says it all..
That's a gorgeous blanket and piece of art. It's wonderful to see your gift so aprechiated.
You have a special gift in your soul for giving and it will come back to you ten fold!
PEace and blessings, Kai.

Lisa said...

The blanket is so nice! I bet they really appreciate it. I love the picture of them all wrapped up in it.

It's so funny to hear that it's snowing but Sarah is coming home for the summer. It was snowing where Tim is in California just last week, too...and then this week it was 80 degrees.

Love the Edison quote.

Pam Aries said...

Oh WOW! THat is fantastic!!!! What wonderful gift! I can't imagine weaving all that pattern! A delightful present!