Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Trip East part 1

Here is Jack getting all comfortable while we wait for Julie and Nancy's plane to arrive. I had a 2 hour wait and was pretty tired so I bought one of these to haul around my stuff.

I had no trouble recognizing them when they got to the baggage area where I was waiting. We had a group hug and then waited for their luggage to show up. We picked up the rental car and then drove the 2 hours to the beach house. First stop was a liquor store so I knew this was to be an entertaining weekend for sure. We hit the grocery store next for some breakfast food. Then on to the house. In some instances I felt like the odd man out. Julie and Nancy had met before so they were familiar with each other. My comment had been that they look liked I expected buy different. They were not a flat picture anymore but dimensional beings now.

Here is Nancy on the left and Julie on the right. Nancy is from Phoenix and Julie is living in Napa.

The next day all the other women started to arrive. There were six other women who came. They were all Nancy's friends and most of them she met in an adoption support group and others were friends of her kids. It was a varied group and the conversation never failed to amaze me. The interesting thing is I think we all bonded as women. These women didn't know Julie or myself at all and yet we were sharing things that I have never shared with any other women before. It was incredible. We are talking about meeting in Sedona next year and I think that would really be awesome.

If you are into orbs look at the number of them in this picture

Here is a better one, what a group of truly amazing women. B- Linda, Tammy, Deb Julie, Sharon. F- Vicki, Carolyn, Nancy and myself


LisaOceandreamer said...

how sublime! What a wonderful thing, to gather, laugh, get to know one another, have a glass of wine. The place you all stayed looks amazing!
This is something I SO wish the GPS could do....and bring art supplies with us to sit and create while we giggle and relate!!

Kai said...

What a groovie gathering of gals.. love that Jack got to go with you, he looks so cute in the basket..
..a wonderful adventure indeed and the picture of you all is lovely.. :)
Peace, Kai xxooxx

Julie said...

Yeah, the only thing I regret was not coming home with any drawings... but I didn't want to interrupt the flow of conversation!

Nice pics. Your group shot is better than mine!

violette said...

What a wonderful gathering! Now what do you make of all those orbs?? What was the weather like.....dry??? Pretty incredible but then that's a spiritual place as well so i'm not surprised that spirits would gather around.

love violette