Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Fiber Fair

The Fiber Fair went well. I taught my classes ran by booth bought new things and had a great time. Cyndi and Shirley came up a day early so we had a relaxing day before all the fair. Cyndi sat making yarn markers and zipper pulls, That was fun, she gave me some ideas for the Retreat Fiber Exchange so I have started working on that again.

This is what my booth looks like, lots of dyed rovings for sale. I did fairly well thanks to all my friends who buy from me. My classes went well too so that was great.

Here are Ginger and Shirley untangling a mess of Pendelton Wool Selvedges

This little puppy named Casey was everyones favorite.

Now what you have been waiting for all the things I bought.

I bought this Laurel Burch bag in my favorite colors, purple and teal.

Then I got this little bag to put inside to hold small things. I just love her cats.

This was a blend of mohair and alpaca, I wish you could feel it; it is so soft.

This is from a kit the yarn is shades of purple in alpaca and I'll make a scarf with it like this.

Last but but not least are these pair of fused glass earrings, I also got some charms but I will show them when they are made in to earrings.


Julie said...

Ooooooo, I LOVE that purple and blue Laurel Burch bag. Very pretty!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I LOVE Laurel Burch! I actually emailed her and a month later received an email back from someone named Roberta saying Laurel was having more health problems. :( YET, she was still doing art, amazing.
Anyway, all that wool you spun and dyed is beautiful. I'm glad to hear all went well with the Fiber Fair. You bought some great things!

Tan said...

Thanks so much for sharing the show, since I missed it this year. I had just gotten back on Friday from a trip to visit my daughter in Portland and did not have the energy to hit the road again.

Margene said...

It was a fun show and great to see you again, too!