Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mail Goodies

I love it when you are out running around and you come home to a mailbox full of fun. When i bought those last group of napkins I traded some with Sharon at All Norah's Art She sent a much prettier package than I did and had loads of napkins and other fun things. She is just the best. If you don't know her check out her blog as it is truly wonderful.

Here are some of the napkins she sent.

I also got in mail one of my Amazon Marketplace purchases. I love getting these used books that look absolutely new for a great price. My friend Jullie recommended this one from her college writing classes. I look forward to the time I can spend looking at it. I have so many books started right now that it is truly insane. I keep getting pulled away when something new comes my way. I need to finish a couple before I start anything new.

I have not been doing any art at all, not even a journal page. Its sad I know but the desire is gone somewhere. I know it will come back but it may take some time. I even got some new Daniel Smith watercolors and here they sit. Maybe its the heat, who knows. If you have your Art mojo on I hope you are creating wonderful work. Just how do you get your groove back when you have lost it?


Olivia said...

HI, Kate,
I've lost my desire for writing, and all I can do is art, art, art. So I just go with it. And enjoy it. I know it will come back when I'm ready. In the meantime, after a LONG dry spell, I can't stay away from collage,

Gemma said...

Both of us got great pkgs this week.
Love the one you sent me...and what a beauty you recieved from Sharon!
Sometimes meditating helps me get my mojo workin'

Naturegirl said...

Hello Kat just popping by to say hello! Cane by way of Gemma's! Good buy on your books! They are in perfect shape! Enjoy your reading!

Naturegirl said...

oops forgot to type in the ~e! Kate!