Monday, July 14, 2008

Our painting session

Here are the results from the craft session I did with my sister. We had these inexpensive totes bought at a dollar store.

We started with these small tote bags

Marianne has a spiral theme going as you can tell.

I played with some images from Violette's coloring book, I think it made a fun tote with great messages.

These were really fun to do. I used a fabric marker first and then added paint and then went over my marks with a sharpie to make it darker.

Here is Marianne's black tote that she did. It has many layers of paint.

Mine is not finished so I will show it some other time. Dinner beckoned and I had to put everything away. I hate when that happens. I thought that I would get to it the next day but that never happened.


craftyhala said...

Looks like fun. I've been thinking of doing something with the one Lisa gave us.
Can't wait to see yours.

Sharon said...

Hi Kate,
I'm on a mission today to say, "hi and thank you"

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

How fun to have your sister there and do some art together as well. The totes look fun and happy. Her black one with all the paint layers came out amazing! Can't wait to see yours.
Have you "arted" your Sedona tote yet?
Enjoy your time together!