Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lars and the real girl

I watched this delightful movie last night its called Lars and the Real Girl. Its out on video now and it is so touching to see. Its one of those movies that are funny and poignant and sad and uplifting all at the same time. I loved it. It is so wonderful how the town supports this man.

Sarah decorated her foot yesterday. It reminded me of the drawings in the What the bleep Movie... I thought it was quite pretty.

Its only a week before I leave for Taos, wow I can't believe its already here...yikes. Of course I am not even close to being ready.

I have been finishing up dyeing and all that jazz. This is what my floor looks like right now. Just a riot of color that has to be priced and recorded and all that jazz. You can see what I will be doing today.


KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate,
that's a lovely henna I think it will be beautiful in Taos. I love the riot of colour over your flooring!
Peace, Kai

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling that I will probably like that movie as well. I haven't seen it but looking at the front of it, it looks like my type of movie. :)
Love the design on Sarah's ankle. :)
:) Thanks for sharing with us!

artbrat said...

Oooh, those colors are scrumptious!

Sarahs foot is pretty awesome too. Your house is just full of fun things.

Have a great day,