Monday, July 21, 2008

Just what is Bravery

There is a group of women who are doing the Be Brave challenge again. It all stemmed from Eleanor Roosevelt's quote "do one thing every day that scares you". I did it for a month last October. I wasn't going to participate this time. I figured it got me started doing brave things that I didn't need a formal challenge anymore. As I read along with Olivia or Leah maybe its catching me even though I haven't said I would do it. For me the thing with the horses really qualifies and my adventure next week is probably one of the bravest things I have done in some time.

I figure the next 2 weeks have at least 3 major brave things that I will be going through. One is going to this workshop, I have a lot of fear that I won't fit in that everyone will be better than me. I know its silly. When I read all the emails of the women attending the retreat making rental car arrangements and so forth it seems like they all have these professional websites or they have 2 books published already, I think what in the hell was I thinking I don't belong with this group. So I have been working on squelching that voice.

The second thing is that I plan to camp and do some sightseeing after the workshop is over. I have never camped alone before so I am a little scared to do that.

My third challenge is that I plan to do some cold sales calls. I have 3 totes of dyed fibers that I am taking with me. I plan to go into shops in Moab and Taos and see if they would like to carry my stuff. I have never done this before so I am a little nervous. That I have no real plan at the end of the conference is strange too. I am leaving it open to allow for those synchronistic events to occur.

So what does doing all these brave things do for a person. Well it does move you forward in area where you need to go but other than that. when we here about someone doing something they are afraid to do we applaud their courage. Why are we afraid in the first place. Have you done brave things? What do you feel after you have done them. I generally think well that wasn't so bad was it. Then when I am on to the next thing that I push myself to do why can't I remember that it wasn't so bad the last time.

I was watching Peaceful Warrior tonight; its based on Dan Millman's book the Way of the Peaceful Warrior and it was very good. A few lines struck me. "A warrior never gives up what he loves" and death isn't so bad, the sad part is that most people never really even live" Now for me that is my biggest fear is not to live fully.

What is your biggest fear?


thailandchani said...

Truthfully? (No. I know. You want me to lie.) Seriously though.. my greatest fear is ever having to go back to the structured competitive workforce. It is the one thing that I honestly believe would knock me over the edge. But then.. I'm not sure if that's really fear or just sheer repulsion.

Being anywhere around those places makes me want to run as long and as hard as I can.

So.. reduced down, my greatest fear is probably being trapped.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Kate and wonderful video. I fear fitting in everywhere I go. Your not alone there. TRUST ME! It doesn't seem silly at all that you feel the way that you do Kate. We all feel that way, it's just some people don't have the guts to admit it. You do. That's inspiring if you ask me. :) With your personality and talent you will surely fit in Kate. :)

Olivia said...


I think we all have that voice before we do something big. I know I do. I think the same thing, "Who am I and what was I thinking to suppose I could do this or fit in here?" Pushing through, you learn so much, and you stretch your be brave muscles so that the next thing you really want is easier.

I am rooting for you!



Julie said...

I haven't read "Peaceful Warrior" yet but I know that Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse never gave up on what they loved - their people.

I followed your Bravery Month last fall and therefore I know that you will be brave again on this journey.