Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Napkins and pages

I don't know what it is but I can be drawing in my moleskine and it seems to be going well and I think I have come up with a likeness of a sorts and I am satisfied. Then the next day I look at the drawing and think that I must have been somewhere else when I drew it. She sort of reminds of the aliens in the latest Indian Jones movie.

Marianne and I hit Tuesday Morning and some other stores yesterday. I think the black and white came from Michaels.

The feathers one is from Tuesday Morning. It is really dangerous going into that store.

As are the shells, one of these days I am really going to have to do something with all these napkins I am collecting.

Some pages from my journal.

This is a work I progress, I am not happy with it but maybe adding something else will pull it all together. I know sometimes that happens. They seem to be evolving into totem pages. Mostly because I just attended a service on totems and some of mine are the crow and wolf. Hmmm maybe I will do a page on the rest. I have already done the turtle but I also have affinity with the dolphin, raven, eagle and more. Now that sounds fun. I love how just writing this has made that happen for me.

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