Saturday, July 19, 2008

The goat part 2

Thanks to all those who commented with such great advice. I took Dave with me the next time. Offered a carrot the goat didn't care and spent its time trying to butt Dave so I was safe. The horses sure like those carrots though.

This morning when we went we gave the goat some hay and that took care of him. I had apples and carrots for the horses this time and I think I have friends for life now. I am getting a little more comfortable around the horses too.

Last night we had a bonfire for the full moon and the little ritual we did was so awesome. Marianne had bought these glow stick from Michaels and we formed them into a circle to make crowns. Then we started with one person and people just started talking about how they admired the person, something about the friendship and so forth. A lot of love was shared amongst the six women who were there. Then when each individual was ready they stood up took their own power and crowned themselves the Goddesses that they are. It was so fun. Some of us found out things about each other that we never knew. It was really a great bonding night. We roasted marshmallows too! What fun!


Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Glad you were able to sort things out with the goat and have bonded with the horses. The goat may just have wanted your undivided attention. ha!
That bonfire sounds like such an amazing time. I wish we could have done something like that in Sedona...although I do think the hotel may have frowned on us building a bonfire in the parking lot! ;)

Shopgirl said...

You did good, Yep, friends forever!
I love a fire at night. We have a firepit in our back yard, it's one we made ourself, the kids love it too. Hugs, Mary