Friday, June 30, 2006

Spinning In the Park

Well summer has officially started since we had our first spinning day outdoors. We met at a little park on the river that has this neat gazebo. I brought dessert and Amy brought a salad. Debbie Cullison also showed up, and it was great seeing her again. We had so much fun that I spun up all the fiber I brought with me. I took to knitting after that. I will have to bring more next week. For us this is a nice day out and a chance to get some spinning done that we do not manage to do at home.


Here is Amy spinning wool to finish up a blanket she has on her loom.


Here is Debbie, she had the most difficult time with her wheel. She really hadn't made friends with it yet and she hadn't spun in a long time. Even with all the frustrations she said it was the most relaxing day she has had in a long time.


Here is a pic of Sarah at Gingers house. These chairs hang from some willow trees and they are the most comfortable things around. They look like a contraptioni of sorts but they are really great. I wish I had a set of them.

A friend gave me 10 years or more of old Victoria magazines. So now I have been going through them cutting out collage material. I am about 1/2 way through them. Then its all the clipping and organizing to come. Its a great mindless thing you can do while watching television. I am ready though to start doing some art instead of just collecting for it. Posted by Picasa

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