Friday, June 23, 2006

Blogging where it all started

I discovered this on a writing site that I like called the Bold Soul. This link is a timeline on blogging. Check out whereit all started. Thanks to Justin Hall a Swarthmore student who started the first blog in 1994.

On Thursday night we went to cook at the men's shelter with my friends Amy and Ginger. We had a big crowd so we really worked are tails off. It appears to be so much busier in the summer. The we went over to Vino Rosa and had a glass of wine and listened to our friends Nelson and Craig perform. This time they were on Spanish guitars and had their drummer friend George with them. It was a great evening. I made an attempt to draw Craig playing, its a good first start but I need a little more practice live drawing before I can post that. It was fun doing it though. I plan to attend a lot of outdoor concerts this year so I may take the sketchbook and pen again.

The flying ants are back eek. Every year about this time I find them at my front picture window, hundreds of them. I have to vacuum them up over a several day period and then they are just as mysteriously gone as when they got here. I will be glad when that is over with.

I have been busy warping the loom for a set of towels. They are bright so they will be fun to weave. I'll have a picture soon. It is taking awhile to thread the almost 600 heddles. I do it a little at a time.

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