Sunday, July 09, 2006


Finally some weaving content, I know you are shocked. I got the baby wold warped for a set of towels. These are going to be colorful. The really strange thing was the loom is acting weird. If I have the tension cranked as high as a I like it, it lifts the harnesses. I had to open and close it and take the raddle out in order for it to work. I used really fine thread for the purple and as a result I have lots of broken threads. I think I have 4 or 5 film canisters hanging off the back. Hopefully it won't impede the weaving too much.


These are the new socks I am working on it is some kind of cotton blend yarn that I don't remember the name of. I bought it from Kristine at the Fiber fair. The is from Fiber Trends called Peak Experience and I am doing the sock called Angels Rest. Its a really easy lace pattern. I am enjoying working on them. I am still working on the purple shawl and its coming along nicely, it still doesn't look like much. It takes awhile to make it through one row but I am liking how it looks. i think this is one I will really finish.


I spent yesterday trying to rid my house of dust. Not an easy task. The weaving studio needs some work yet. I need to clean up the dye area downstairs. I want to finish painting that silk warp that I started last summer. I don't even remember what colors I used. Its good that they don't need to match at all. I also need to inventory my dyes and see how much more dye I need to buy for upcoming classes and start doing the planning for that. Posted by Picasa

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