Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Solstice


We celebrated the Summer Solstice last night with a bonfire. I forgot to take pictures before everyone left so here is a pic of my fire. Someday I will remember to take pictures at the right time. I had four friends who came and we laughed and talked and drank the wine Janet gave me at the Fiber Fair. We had a great fire and wrote our wishes out for the coming year on paper and threw them into the fire. A simple but nice ritual. A nice night. I stayed up for about an hour after everyone left but doing an all nighter alone wasn't too exciting so I went to bed. Maybe next year.



I pulled out Gabrielle's fleece and started preparing it with my English 4 Pitch wool combs. The wool is just beautiful. She has a wonderful luster about her. I want a knitted shawl made out of her, so this is the first step. Maybe I should do a little combing tutorial on that. Posted by Picasa

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