Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They are so cute

As promised the Yellowstone pictures continued.

This is the resident Great Horned Owl that hangs out near park headquarters in Mammoth Hot Springs. It had a nest and babies this year.

And now for my daughter the Badger pictures.

They were so cute playing in and around their den. When they went back into the den it was butt first. They entertained us for some time.

Be sure to click on these for a closer look.

Another cute one, I can't seem to stop showing these cute badger babies.

There is some fantastic scenery in Yellowstone too.

I spent some time just relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the area.

We made our way home south through the park and then through Teton National Park. I love it here I love to just sit in front of these mountains and just be. Sometimes its hard to believe there are such beautiful places in the world. I am so blessed to be living close to them.

This is Jackson Lake. Someday soon I'd love to take my kayak out on this lake.

This is Mount Moran. I love to sit in front of her and just enjoy the beauty and really feel the energy of this special place. Its wonderful to journal or draw in this setting.

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Mizutaka said...

I like the owl picture and the baby badgers are really, really cute. :3 All those pictures of the Tetons really make me want to go camping now though. :(