Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Just Do It

I am going to borrow the phrase from Nike today. I was looking at Dj Pettit's blog and she has these darling painted birds on fabric. I thought I have always wanted to draw and paint birds. Now why haven't I done so, no reason so I decided then and there I was going to paint a bird. I didn't have a model or anything just decided I would paint a blue bird and it was so much fun. I know I will be dong more now. Its funny how we put off so much for no real reason either. Is there something you have been meaning to try? Why don't you give it a go today.

The texture on this page was done with gesso and a texture tool and a stamp. Bird was painted with Golden fluid acrylics.

This on also used a gesso technique which didn't quite work out so I covered it with one of my spray painting experiments. I liked the idea of using the branches of the tree to list things. What would your tree look like.


NatashaMay said...

Great birdie Kate. :) I know what you mean though. I just started on portraits which I always thought I wasn´t skilled enough to do. I did my first one yesterday and I am excited to do more. :)
x Natasha x

Janet said...

Your blue bird is beautiful!! I like all the texture you have in the background, and of course I love the tree. They're one of my favorite things to paint or draw.

Kim Mailhot said...

Sweet blue bird ! And I love your intention to just do it, today, right now ! That was the same feeling I had yesterday when I painted my polka dots on my flower pot - the beige of the pot made me feel blah, but the half hour I took to beautify my life with polka-dots was priceless in that moment !
Happy Wednesday, brave Kate !