Thursday, June 04, 2009

The babies are growing up

Over the past couple weeks we went back to see the Great Horned Owl babies.

Here they are still in the nest. there were actually 3 Owls in there but I never got a picture of them all. Its really hard to get a picture with all the twigs in the

Here they are a few weks later. Now they are out of the nest.

The feathers are still growing as you can see the little tufts at the top of their heads are really small.

They were really fun to watch them grow up. I imagine that the next time we go we won't find them at all.


Julie said...

Oohhh beautiful, Kate!!

Janet said...

Amazing photos, Kate!!!

Shopgirl said...

Beautiful photo's. And I like what you said about looking at just one thing...I need to lose weight.
Hugs, Mary