Thursday, June 18, 2009

Play Day

Its the first day this week I have had a chance to be in in the studio so I did play at lots of things.

First I cut this Buddha stencil. There was a mistake but I tried it anyways. Then paint got under the stencil but it was already in my journal so I am stuck with it but that's ok.

I did more spray painting, some success but more that didn't turn out some days it is frustrating.

Then I tackled lesson 5 or 6 I can't remember which, in my layer love class. Several of the lessons were pretty much the same thing so I won't be doing them all. Some of you know I really don't like pink so I am skipping that one for sure. We were to pick colors or a picture we like or a combination of the two and do a background with it as inspiration. I love this picture of this glass bowl. I have been planning on using it in a journal page but haven't so far.

And here is my background. I may try next time to use less colors but I like it. I didn't add the drips because they are ok but I don't want them in every painting.

I also did some more wrecking of the journal but that is for tomorrows post.

I found out that Golden has this great guide on paint mixing. I didn't know such a thing existed so I printed it out right away. If you use these paints or need help mixing colors this might be helpful to you too. Here in the link


NatashaMay said...

Really nice backgrounds Kate. I love the Budha on the first one.

Olivia said...

I really like the Buddha page Kate and cannot see any mistake. I think it turned out really nice. I appreciate the Mixing Guide and am printing it out right now, thanks! xo, O

Janet said...

The painting guide is printing at this very moment! Thanks for sharing that.

I think the Buddha looks good. It wasn't the easiest stencil I've ever done!!

WrightStuff said...

I love the blue - I just kept starring at it mesmerized!!