Sunday, June 07, 2009

More pics from Yellowstone

The second time I went to Yellowstone this year I took hundreds of pictures so its taking some time to go over them all and find the good ones. Here is a first look at some of htem.

This little bluebird entertained us while we waited for Old faithful to erupt.

Here she is erupting. When she got to her height all I got was steam so the pictures were not great.

Big horned sheep on the hillsides

Another Momma and lamb. The lambs were so cute to watch.

I loved seeing this fox's tale, isn't the size of it amazing.

The fox eventually crossed the road right in front of us.

This wolf we watched for a long time. He was looking for a place to cross the road. He eventually found it but we watched him for a long time

This wolf was on the hillside at an Elk carcass. With think this is 302M the alpha male of the Blacktail pack. He is a favorite of mine. 302M is the Casanova of the Yellowstone wolves. He started out as Alpha of the Druid pack and then let his brother have the duties. He was more interested in visiting the ladies of several other packs. He is quite a character and I love hearing his story and all his adventures as they unfold.

I loved this reflection picture I was able to take.

A pelican just sitting on the water and then....

I was snapping away when the pelican decided to take flight. It was pretty great to get these shots.

I think the water looks so amazing. And no that is not all the pictures, baby badgers in my next post.


Mizutaka said...

Yay! You finally posted some Yellowstone pictures! How do you know the sheep weren't goats - they don't have the horns? Anyway, excited for badgers.

Lynn said...

great Yellowstone shots...I'll be there later this month. Love it there. So much wild life.

Janet said...

Great photos! I especially like the little bird and the reflection photo.

Shopgirl said...

A wonderful treat since I have never been there and we live so close....maybe next year. My daughter Jenny loves to go, they camp out and enjoy every second.
Have a great weekend, Hugs, Mary