Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Wool Trek.

On Saturday I took a Wool trek to Notlwonk Springs Farm that is owned by my friends Fred and Jo Knowlton. Its an annual event that they hold to sell their wool fleeces and rovings. We drove down to Cornish Utah for the event.

My friends Debbie and Amy and I went together. Here is Amy enjoying herself.

We saw this coke machine out in the middle of nowhere and thought it was funny for some reason.

Look at what the sign on the machine says.

Here is my friend Cyndi and her son Colton. This was the first time I got to meet Colton and he is almost a teenager now.

Here we have what is known as the skirt scramble. All this wool is pulled out onto the floor. Its the areas that are removed before a fleece is sold. It is still really nice wool. The Knowltons give it away. Everyone gets a bag and then its a free for all.

I took pictures instead of getting lost in the craziness.

Here is Tina Howard describing the rug she is making. Its all made out of roving that is braided and then felted and then sewn.

Here is a closeup of the rug,its going to be pretty amazing when its finished.

I came home with 2 half fleeces. I really didn't need 2 whole fleece so I split one with both Debbie and Amy. That's what friends are for. This is the white one I bought

and this is the grey one. I washed them both today so soon they will be on their way to becoming some beautiful yarn.


admin said...
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Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
That's absolutely facinating.. I love the rug your friend is making :) and glad to see your smile in the photo below..
peace, Kai

Olivia said...

How nice that so many ladies get together to do this. It must be fun having so many friends to work/play with like this! Blessings and love, O

Janet said...

This looks like a fun outing. I had a laugh over the Coke machine's sign.

I think that rug looks terrific, and I wonder what you'll create with all that wool you got. I'm sure you'll come up with something beautiful.

Tan said...

I hope I make it to Wool Trek some year. Of course, I haven't washed the fleece I bought from them last time I saw them . . . maybe in Idaho Falls two years ago . . .

It will be a sticky mess.