Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surprise Visit

The Snake River Fiber Fair was this past weekend and as usual it was lots of fun. I picked up a few goodies for myself.

This is some yak/silk top. I plan to spin it up and make a shawl out of the yarn. It is really yummy to the touch.

Sarah wants me to make her some of these.

This is the fiber that she picked out. They should look great in this color.

This is some green merino wool. I really liked the color, I think it would make a lovely scarf.

My friend AMy took a class on making felted vessels. She is going to show me how, I bought this corriedale wool fiber to make it.

There was a big sale on sock yarn so I got these 3 colors. The light colored one is bamboo. If you have never had bamboo socks before I suggest you try a pair, they are wonderful. I may send these to my sis to knit up on her sock knitting machine.

This is a wool/bamboo blend. I really liked this color green. These are earth friendly socks. The 75% wool they have is recycled.

I found this Laurel Birch purse that was just perfect for me. The more I use it the more I like it.

In addition my daughter Sarah came home for a surprise this past weekend. I had not seen her since January so this was a fantastic surprise. When she left on Monday it was so sad, too short of a visit. I miss the days when she came home for the summer. We did manage to work in going to see Star Trek again. I just love that movie. I need to find someone else who has not seen it so I can go again. She brought along her boyfriend and her roommate. It was nice getting to know both of them a little better.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my friend Gari and she gave me this birthday gift. It was a long time coming because she had problems making it but well worth the wait. It really is gorgeous in person. That's a goddess as the pendant and its made of freshwater pearls in greens and bronze colors I love it.

This is the only artsy thing I have done of late, a page in my journal.


Anonymous said...

Yea, send me the yarn I will knit up some socks!!

I like the green also. Got More??


Mizutaka said...

What, no lovely pictures of me? Or the kitten? :O

Renee said...

How are you feeling? How is your hand?

I hope all is well with you Kate.

Renee xooxxo

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
Love the hand But I think the Blue yarn is groovier..
I LOVED the Star trek movie, it was perfect and fun too..
The last picture reminds me of Kami and Kona's daddie, he was huskie/malamute mix..
peace, Kai

Shopgirl said...

The yarns are beautiful.
And the Journaling page is really eye catching.
Question? My Grandson lost his best friend...the dog Mogel. He saved some of Mogels hair. Can it be used in making yarn?
Hugs, Mary

Shopgirl said...

Thank you for coming by...Mogel was a mix of lab and something else. His hair was about 2 inches long and redish brown. It was not real soft.
I love all that you do, I love coming to your blog...always something interesting.
Hugs, Mary

risa said...

I love the fibers/yarn you picked up...beautiful colors!