Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spending the day in clay

Today I spent part of my day in this wonderful creative bubble. I am part of the Ambiance Committee for the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly to be held in Salt Lake city next month. We are making decorations for 25 tables in the theme of the four elements. For earth we are making pots that will hold some native grasses.

We met at my friend Jen's studio. Oh what fun that was, she has a small house for her studio. The walls are painted all different colors. From beautiful green to bright yellow and a fantastic turquoise. When I walked in I thought oh this is definetly an Artists house. She works in ceramics so all her art for sale was on display in one room. Then there were areas for her kiln and slab roller and work tables. So all afternoon we made these clay pots. None of us were very experienced but Jen guided us and we did great.

It was so much fun being in a room with five women doing this creative project. The energy of the studio was so pleasant. I could have stayed all day. What a wonderful place she had to create. Although I love the room I have dedicated as a studio this place was so much more. Even the garden and yard were inspiring with the sculptures and flowers everywhere. I neglected to bring my camera so no pics to share. I plan to next week when we work on glazing the pots.

So much of my artistic creative time is spent alone. This was so different from that. I can see how collaborating on a project with other Artists would be so rewarding.


Janet said...

I can sure relate to creating alone. I long for a group of creative people to spend time with and to bounce ideas around. All my creating is done alone. This day of clay sounded like heaven to me.

Jennie Nash said...

I'm dying to see pictures of the pots!