Monday, July 30, 2007

Trouble at the Drive In

Well I had the adventure last night. Sarah works at the drive in Movie theater on weekends. Last night I decided I would go see Harry Potter movie. I figured I could recline the seats if I got too uncomfortable sitting so long. Half way through the weekends. Last night I decided I would go see Harry Potter movie. I figured I could recline the seats if I got too uncomfortable sitting so long. Half way through the movie my car battery died. I went in to concessions to get a radio to watched the rest of the movie which was great by the way.

Sarah had driven the truck to work so I thought maybe the truck has jumper cables and I went and looked. Yes they were there. So I proceeded to drive the truck to where my car was. I popped the hood but could not get the stupid thing open. I really felt like an idiot. Here I had the means to fix the problem but I could not do it. Its about midnight so I call Dave knowing he is asleep and as usual he doesn't answer the phone. Sarah can't help cause she is still working. So I think I wonder if my friend Amy is up or not. So I call her and yes she is still up. I thought she could help me figure how to get the hood up. She says oh I will just come and jump you and thats what she did. Now these are the kind of friends a person needs. Thanks Amy. It was quite entertaining since we couldn't see inside to find the battery. I had this little light on my keys that I was using but it kept going out. we did manage finally and I was able to go home.

Today I decided its time I got back to using the Law of Attraction(the secret). For me that means getting back to a gratitude journal and work from there. I do want to do update my vision boards and a few other things. No matter how many things I got to do or people I was able to talk to that day, every evening I would depressed again. I am tired of wallowing it. Depression is o easy to fall into and so hard sometimes to get out of. Its time to move on, I want better things in my life.

I just realized that Sarah will be leaving in about 3 weeks. All I could think was here we go again. I hate this letting go stuff, it is so hard. Perhaps if I use the Law of Attraction this time it won't be so hard. Worth a try I guess.


I tried to get back to spinning again. I can spin for a little while but then I have to rest. Slow progress but its still progress. I had to ply this first as it was on the wheel. Its a very light lemony yellow with some variations in color. Next I am spinning this orange-yellow colorway of Blue Faced Leicester. I have 3 rovings in the orange/yellow range that I am planning on doing. Its kind of strange being a blue/purple person but one has to branch out once in awhile. I am trying to spin up some colors I usually don't have so that I will have them on hand for some mixed warp projects or 2 color knitting.

Quote of the Day: "All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on".-- Havelock Ellis


Ninnie said...

So nice to have friends you can count on. Glad you enjoyed the movie. Love Hugs and Blessings

LisaOceandreamer said...

Now that is really a true friend indeed! Frankly I am not sure if I would know which cable goes on which thingy on the battery. I loathe being a helpless female, now I will have G show me just in case - or in case i need to help someone else.
glad you enjoyed the movie though!

I SO know about this depressed feeling thing...and not wanting it in your life. I battle with certain feelings about certain things constantly and yet I can say it's getting better and better. Either that or I am in complete denial. lol!


don't over do it!!
Mother Hen

Tinker said...

So sorry that happened to you, Kate - but it must be good to find out what a great friend you have!

I miss drive-in movies - the nearest one is about half an hour (or more, depending on traffic) away from us, so we usually end up seeing movies at the local theater.
I loved the latest Harry Potter movie.

The yellow/orange looks beautiful together - it reminds me of firelight.

Kai said...

First things first, ((hugs)).
I read and re-read about your depression Kate. I think everyone battles sadness in some context or other. The best thing you can do is to acknowledge it and give it dues, then move into how to change it.
I go through really rough days and incredible bouts of just falling to the floor and crying.
It's impossible for me to keep it bottled up and ignore it..So I let it out, give it it's time.. But I know I can't let it win. I wont.

I love my life to much, my peace to much. It's a fine line that we tread on this place, with delicate psyche's and tender hearts.

Sadness is part out of feeling..
Happiness is part of feeling..
Life is a gift for living..

WE can hold each other's hands..the future is so dazzling it blinds.. I am so thankful that you will be in mine :)

The *alternate* mummy hen xxxx

Lisa said...

Friends like that are precious.

Letting go is hard. My son was out late last night and I kept telling myself, "he's eighteen, he's eighteen, he's eighteen." At one point I couldn't sleep and Patrick rolled over and said, "I heard a Mama-sigh." ha. yep. I was so relieved when Nick got home and, of course, he was having a fabulous time with friends. :) grrrr.

So good ot see you spinning. The fibers are gorgeous. Yummy colors.