Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A gift from Violette

I got this lovely card and magnet from Violette. The magnet is for the GPS (Glitter Power Sisters) and says GPS ROCK I also have a button with a mirror on the back. Sorry the picture is so dark. If it hadn't taken blogger forever to load I would go fix it.

I just heard that my friend Claire who had a stroke awhile back is now home from the hospital. What good news, she still has some recovery to go through that will take time but being home finally is fantastic. Welcome home Claire.


Kai said...

It's so sweet of Violette to send us out lovely little gifts.. :)she is a gem!!
PEace n hugs, Kaixx

Gemma said...

Don't you love Violettes pix of GPS? Glad to hear you are progressing well.....and that Anna is home

Tinker said...

Violette is so sweet. And it's wonderful news that Anna/Claire is home again. Hope you're doing well, too, Miss Kate.

Angela said...

Ohhhh GPS ROCKS! That's kewl! Violette is soo thoughtful! I bet that cheered you up. :)

violette said...

Oh i'm glad you received the gifts. Sorry you will be unable to attend the'll have many more to go to in the future. Just be good to yourself, read, heal and enjoy!

Lots of love,