Friday, July 20, 2007

I love books

A package arrived from Amazon yesterday. I ordered these two books. Foolsgold by Susan Woodridge. She wrote Poem Crazy and this book has been highly recommended by several people.

The second book Faeries of Dreamdark by Laini Taylor. I bought this book because I read Laini's blog and really like her and I like fantasy and its great to support new writers.

When I opened the package I thought oh I love new books. I like the paper and the colors chosen for cover or I like the feel of the raised letters. Its sort of a tactile feeling. Then the feel of the paper and the magic of the words that the writer has given to the world, what a combination of magical things this is. Now my readers you will either understand this or think I am off my rocker. I do hope there is something in your lives that gives you the same feeling and pleasure.

I started reading Foolsgold and it is very good, full of quotes that inspire, another thing that I really like. I have peaked into Faeries of Dreamdark too and it looks like a great escape that will be so much fun to read.

I finally had to make the decision not to go to the Spinning Retreat in Utah. I just could not take the long car ride to get there. I gave my space to my friend Amy, she will have a really good time, but I am still sad about not being able to go.

We have been talking about getting a new printer/copier and now that I am not going to retreat we will be able to get it earlier than planned. I really need a new machine to get back to scanning by grandparents letters. All the money I am saving on gas will go into the machine. So that is one plus from all of this. So I guess looking on the bright side makes it all easier.


Angela said...

You are very right. It is wonderful to support new writers. I bet that book is great. I'm soo glad that you are posting now. I was worried.. of course I overworry until I am sure that it is ok not to. LOLOLOL I'm a worry wort. Anyway, love ya girl!

JudiRedhead said...

aaaahhhhhhh, my glitter sister of book addiction! I not only love the book...I love the FEEL, the SMELL and the sound of the fresh crisp page! Then above all the sight of any imagery! I've said this many times; if you can read, you can do anything.

Pam Aries said...

THese books both look intriguing! I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife...

LisaOceandreamer said...

I know exactly how you feel about new's like a spark that happens. I started Foolsgold many days ago and I have been so distracted I haven't MADE time to sit quietly and read. This is my goal this week to begin carving out time for catching up on all my reading.
I'm sorry you had to give up the retreat but you will be glad you did for your own sake.
I am SO sorry I haven't been in contact dear Kate....good intentions are never visible. I think of you a lot and hope each day finds your pain less and less.
Love and hugs,

Lisa said...

I love new books, too. I love the smell as well as all the features you talked about.

I'm sorry you can't go to your retreat but maybe when you're making copies and printing out gorgeous stuff, the sting will go away a little bit.

Kai said...

What wonders we get in the mail..these books sound intreguing Kate. I'll check them out when I'm on a book plod on Friday..
Im sorry you'll miss your retreat, but might I suggest the one coming up in Arizona early next year? lol..
Peace, Kai xx