Friday, June 15, 2007

Decisions to make

I went to my Orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and the problem that is causing my pain is due to a cyst growing on the bone. As a result there is less room for the nerve. He has recommended surgery. It appears pretty simple compared to most back surgery which usually involves removing a disk or fusing.

So I have decided to get it done. The problem has been trying to fit it into my life. I have 6 weeks where I will not be able to lift more than 15 lbs. I have scheduled a retreat at the end of July and then the trip to South Carolina in September. I was thinking of getting it done before the retreat. The six weeks won't have passed yet but I should be on my way to recovery and I will have the trailer to sleep in so I can just do that if I am not feeling good. Or I guess I could cancel the retreat but I really don't want to miss it. Or I could wait till all of these events are over with but I don't think I want to wait that long. Why do things have to be so difficult.

Then to throw a wrench into all those decisions I decided that I would like a 2nd opinion. What a fiasco that has been so far. I called one doctor and they can't get me in for a month. The other chice I call yesterday and they won't even make an appt until I am sure that my insurance will pay. So I call the insurance line and then they tell you their answers are not guaranteed, now what the hell does that mean. I finally give up for the day, I figure when Dave comes home he can find out for me. So he find that yest this will be covered and that there are a preferred provider that I can call. This is the same person I called the day before, so I call again and the only person who can make appointments doesn't work till Monday. GRRRrrrrr....... Now if I have to wait a month to get an appointment with them I am not sure what I will do. They say to get a 2nd opinion and then they make it so difficult to do so. Part of me wants to just skip this and have the surgery in a couple weeks. I am tired of being in that too much to ask. Sorry about all this, I just needed to vent... I will figure it all out.


Blue the Spa Girl said...

What a dilemma! Kate, do what you feel you must. I would hate to think of you in unneccessary pain though. If the surgery helps, maybe go for it and get it out of the way???

Anonymous said...

Uggg!!! Surgery of any kind is scary! I think! I say that you should do whatever you feel you should. Either way, if you have surgery please keep in contact. I want to know how you are!!!! I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers! :)

Laritza said...

Kate you know in the bottom of your heart and ON your back that you need it done. Go for it girl! you will not regret it. The day after the surgery you will be asking yourself why on earth you waited so long. You will be just fine on time for retreat. Actually you will enjoy the retreat a lot more because you will be pain-free. A big hug!

LisaOceandreamer said...

On going pain like you've had robs you have having a completely good day sometimes (maybe most times). If there is a way to remedy this and get you on a pain free course then I would think that's the road to go. A second opinion is a good idea. Ultimately though you have to decide what is best for YOU. I would love to know you are finally free of all this pain!
Love and hugs,

altermyworld said...

Oh wow what a crazy thing, i do hope it all works out, take care