Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daisy Lupiin

My dear friend and Glitter Sister Daisy otherwise known as Hilary passed on. Last night I kept having dreams about her. She appeared in them and then I'd wake up thinking this whole thing was a dream and she was still alive and then the realization came to me that it was real. She is no longer with us. It was sad.

I went to church this morning. We have a part of our service where we light a candle for those in need. I lit 2 this morning. One for Claire in the hopes she be recovering soon. The other for Daisy's family and all of us who knew her. We also had what is called a Flower Communion. We put a flower into a communal vase at the beginning of the service and at the end of the service we take a different one home. I put daisy's in for Daisy and I took home a pink rose that was so fragrant it reminded me of Daisy's love of gardening. A nice send off of sorts.

One nice thing that is resulting from this tragedy is that all us Glitter sisters are writing each other telling just how much we care about them. I like that idea, to do it now why you can, seize that present moment. If you haven't heard from me yet, you will it will just take a little time.

The other thing that comes to me is regarding those things we all plan to do but haven't done yet. I am sure their are things Daisy planned to do that will never get done now. I think its time I started writing that book I am supposed to write. I have the art retreat I am going to this week and then I'll have surgery but when all that is said and done, I am going to write this children's book that I have been thinking about for years. My glitters sisters may be the only ones who read it but that's fine. So ladies if you don't hear me talking about this sometime in the next 6 months you can kindly remind me of this note.

Quote of the Day:" Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same." ~Flavia


Gemma said...

dearest Kate
consider yourself hugged.
You are some one who I respect alot in this community. I am not to good at commenting or eMails ...I will try to be better.
I do value all your contributions and comments where ever I read them. I did recieve the town ATC's one is from you...thank you
sending love this day and always

Janet said...

The Flower Communion sounds just the right thing for Daisy since she loved them so. I also love the quote you left at the end.

Thank you for visiting my blog's always nice to see a new face. I've seen your name on other's blogs but somehow never got over here before. I'll be back now that I've found you.