Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big Sky Fiber Festival

The trip to Hamilton and the Big Sky Fiber Festival was filled with both the good and bad. Sales were dismal which is the bad. The good was being able to connect with so many old friends I have not seen for some time. I'll be sharing pics for the next few posts.

Here are the treasures I got.

I got some mohair locks from The Fiber Attic, in ablue green volorway and in a reddish pink colorway.

This was some Buffalo top from my friend Judith, I love the picture she chose for her buffalo, it was great. The fiber is very soft.

Judith new book was for sale so I got a copy, it is almost out of print so all you spinners out there be sure to grab it when you see it. It really is a fantastic book.

There was a lady named Gabe Cyr teaching some altered fabrics classes. She was at a table with this book and had some of the projects on display. They were really fantastic. I can't wait to try a few of them. Especially this accordion book that looked similar to a slinky. I guess I could take pics from the book to show you. Hers was an alphabet book but you could make anything. Here are a few pictures of this project. I can't wait to try making one.

This shows how the paper is folded.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh how beautiful that yarn is!
Thank you for sharing all of these with us!
Paper can be folded alot of ways. That's tooo kewl! :)

Kai said...

you mentioned Folding paper..im fixated..lol, and will have to try the little book at the end of your post.
I love the fibre colours Kate, those are beautiful.. What do you make from buffalo top?
PEace, Kai

Tan said...

Gorgeous stuff. It looks like you had fun. Cute picture of CJ in your other post.