Saturday, June 16, 2007

A dear friend has passed

I don't know if I can even write about this but I will try. My dear Glitter Sister Daisy Lupin passed away. Her last note let us know she had been ill but we all figured she just had the flu or something. I expected her back at her blog enticing us with wonderful stories before long. Todays note from her daughter was so shocking that I still can not believe it. We are all losing such a wonderful soul. I never got to meet Daisy in person but felt a strong connection and friendship. We all share lives and loves and trials, she offered support and love. I will miss you Daisy!

You can leave messages for the family at Daisy's blog . Please keep them in your heart and prayers.

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Pam Aries said...

Dear Kate..Isn't it just so is unpredictable. It is amazing what a close connection we all have as Glitter Sisters. I think you are such a cool, neat, interesting person! You have your own sheep.. you spin weave marvelous works af art! To me, your life is so meaningful. I am so glad to have you as a friend here in bloggerville! Goddess bless you! I am going to each of my GPS and let them know what they mean to me! Thank you Kate! Thank you.