Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Now I am sore

Now I am feeling the effect of the physical therapy I had yesterday. I could not sleep at all last night. I finally got up at 3 am and sat and weighed all the fiber I have packaged so far. I went back to bed at 5 and at least I could sleep then. Its hard when everytime you move you are in pain. This is not any fun at all.

Now I am waiting on FedEx, all I know is my package left there last Wednesday. I hope it comes to day but I have a feeling it might not be till tomorrow or Thursday. I hate when things take so long to get here. I can't do any more dyeing until I get the package.

I did get the fiber all packaged , now I am down to the naming of the colors. Life would be easier if I skipped the naming part. I like them to have names, it almost gives them a little personality. Its just when I am stumped about it that it is difficult. One year I named them all rock n roll songs. I need to put my thinking cap on this time. I seem to have single names so far, Sunset, Jade, Garnet, Mahogany. Other names I am toying with don't follow that theme so I guess it won't be very themed based this year.


altermyworld said...

Beautiful fiber!!!! Do you sell it perchance? I love fiber.

Anyhoot hope you are doing ok with your Physical therapy.

Pls email me at altermyworld.angw@gmail.com so i can email you my address for the ATC visual journal swap.


judie said...

Kate, your fiber is beautiful! I wish I could find those colors in my paintings. Hope your ankle heals soon so that all the rest can follow.