Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from the Torture Chamber

I had an appointment with a Physical Therapist this morning and I survived. It actually was not too bad. Sure, she manipulated me and it hurt but I survived. I got electrodes and heat on my lower back and a lower back massage so that was nice. I also have a set of exercises to do 3 x a day. I also found out this is all related to my sprained ankle. The muscles in my left leg have atrophied and all though I think I am walking straight I am not. What I am experienceing is nerve pain and that is pretty awful stuff. I am going there 2 more times this week. With exercise I should be able to correct my posture and free myself from this pain and strengthen that ankle.


The new dyeing area seems to be working out fairly well. The garage floor is now a lovely shade of Cyan. I spilled a cup a dye and what a mess that was. It is amazing how far dye can splatter, it got the floor, table. my feet, my clothes, my spinning wheel. In fact I did not notice the wheel got hit till later so it did not all come out. I may have to sand it off and restain the wheel. It is not real noticeable so I won't do anything right away. I have 9 lbs dyed and I really love some of the colors. I don't know if they will all make it to retreat. he he I always think oh I can repeat that color for myself but I never do so I may be keeping just a little back for myself.

Here is my roaster in action, there is lots of color in there. The fun thing is that the 1/2 of the fiber at the bottom looks totally different.


I have been spinning this striped top my friend Deb gave me when she was here for the Fiber Fair. It is one of those wool tops that are lots of fun to spin. It is not really one color like the picture seems to show. There are 2 shades of blue, green and purple in there.


Ninnie said...

All the colors are great.

Kai said...

I love the deep azure colours that you get in your dying process.
What is your LLama's name? (im
PEace, Kai