Saturday, January 05, 2008

Power outage

A happy Saturday to all of you. I woke up about 8 to notice the power was out. We had rain and huge winds last night so that was not a surprise. So I crawled back in bed where it was still warm. It turns out a transformer blew up, landed in my neighbors pasture and was on fire. I missed all the excitement being asleep. They got the power on about 10:30 so that was nice.

I wasn't going to show this but maybe someone can tell me how I could spend all that time drawing this and not notice that the mouth is crooked. I did not see that until I uploaded a picture of the drawing. Is that weird or what. Sarah told me my necks are too long and shoulders have been off so I worked on that this time.

One of my goals this year is to learn how to make journals. So when Judy Wise posted her latest journal I thought now is the time. She uses canvas boards for covers, so I went and bought those. I found some fabric to make a canvas strip. I painted it with gesso and I think it will work good. I am going to use watercolor paper for the signatures in the book so I have proceeded to cut it to size. So I am well on my way. Now this leads me to a pet peeve of mine. Judy showed this paper she decorated, well she can't tell you how she did it because she learned the technique from someone else. This other person doesn't have a blog or website. To really learn this you have to travel to where she teaches this. There are so many of us that just can't do that. I wish she had been free to share the information. It reminds me of all the times I have seen displays in yarn shops for sweaters and the pattern is no longer available, it is a little annoying to me.

Judy used some kind of tissue paper and she said it was fragile but it looked nice. I am thinking of using some rice paper that have but I am not sure how it will hold up. I can't manhandle it like I can watercolor paper. Stamping on it looks pretty cool all ghost like and misty looking. Once you put water on it, it will rip easily so maybe I will be using something else I just can't decide what. Watercolor paper is too heavy and so it card stock. I wish I had a paper store I could go to and pick the paper that would work perfectly. I am sure I will come up with something but sometimes this can be so frustrating.

Quote of the Day:"One is an artist not simply because one paints, but because one sees artistically, thinks artistically, and actually experiences life artistically." - Ronald Joyce McDowell


Janet said...

I think the mouth looks fine. No one has perfect features. No one looks the same on both sides of their face. (My eyes are on different levels!) As for your necks being long or your shoulders being off, that should be your own preference/style. None of us draws the same way. Just do your own thing!!
I completely understand your frustration about the technique. I hate it when someone shows something but then won't share how they did it. That's the only way we learn!

KaiBlueCreations said...

I like the unique way you do art Kate. It's how you see things and that makes them perfect. I wish my neck was that long..If you ever draw me, feel free to enhance any features.. :)
Thank you for the kind words you left Peace, Kai

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Kate!!!!! I love the drawing that you made. Your work is always so outstanding!!! *HUGS*

altermyworld said...

I don't get that either, ie not being able to tell how something was done, i mean are techniques copy righted? I don't know the answer to that but to me it is annoying also.
I love your long necked ladies.

Pam Aries said...

I am the worst at portraits and figure drawing...! Just let it flow, baby! I am working on my visual journal. Remember when we did 101 self portraits? I found mine yesterday. It was interesting tolook back!