Monday, January 14, 2008

More on Song Birds

I did a little video where I show the pages in the last post along with the pages Rebecca did in her book before she sent it to me. Please excuse the drawn and pale look, I have been sick and it shows.


Beverly Keaton Smith said...

HI Kate, enjoyed your video and did not mind seeing your "messy" floor at all. Beautiful drawings and the book is lovely too. Hope you are feeling 100% better again very soon. Happy New Year to you!

KaiBlueCreations said...

Hope you feel better soon, the book is stunning..
I hope you come to Sedona, the sun and rest will do you good :) you coming?
PEace and fun, Kai xx

judie said...

LOVE that songbird book! Good job everyone who worked on it. I made a little blue bird book some time ago with drawings in it, but I gave it away. But....I'm looking for a "project" for the OWOH and trying to decide if I'll join in again this year. Maybe another bird book, Macaw style, is in order??? xoxoxoxoxo

Pam Aries said...

Perfect birdie book!

misty mawn said...

what a wonderful book to work in .
it looks like you have been very busy creating beautiful pieces.

thanks for the award last week...sorry it took me until now to get around to writing...i am still trying to hibernate when i's cold here again, so at least i have an excuse. ;-)
take care kate!