Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Midnight shopping

Here is the only Art I did yesterday. I played around trying pens that work best and surfaces that I like to write on. Cheap craft paint makes the surface too stiff but Golden fluid acrylics were nice to work with. I found some pen/markers that work ok and others that are useless. I used tissue paper again and took a piece of sandpaper to dull an image but I think I used it too vigorously. Another lesson learned.

Midnight shopping

I found out most of my fiber sold down in Salt Lake so I decided to shop for Art supplies on line last night. The Internet is wonderful for that, you can just go shopping anytime you want. Yes I went nuts. I will have some goodies coming. There are some supplies recommended by Misty that I have been wanting to get. A set of markers, more re-inker colors, more white gel pens, new colors of paintsticks. I found out about this stuff called Grungeboard that I really thought was cool but its out of stock. I can see that it will be a big seller out there. Check this video to see it in action,

Off to Missoula

I head to Missoula tomorrow to take Sarah back to school and yes I'll be hitting the bookstore again. I think I may look at their tissue papers and pick up some watercolor paper. They have a kind I can not get locally. I hope the weather cooperates, I'd like a stress free trip if at all possible.

Quote of the Day:"The point of life is not to get anywhere—it is to notice that you are, and have always been, already there. You are always and forever in the moment of pure creation. The point of life therefore is to create—who and what you are, and then to experience that." - Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God


KaiBlueCreations said...

i love the colours of the journal pages Kate.. Have a safe trip back with Sarah and a great weekend.. We have a cold one coming..
PEace, Kai xx

tinker said...

Your journal pages are looking very cool, Kate - I love the Golden fluid acrylics. I really want to get some Grungeboard now - that stuff looks too cool!!!

Pam Aries said...

I love your are a very creative gal! Have fun at the bookstore. I can't wait to see what you come up with ..using all your new art stuff!

Julie Marie said...

Do you find that you overwork your work sometimes and wish you had left it alone one or more steps back?

I hope you had a good trip to Missoula and didn't get the Alberta Clipper we got here in ND.


Sheila said...

Shopping online is sometimes too convenient...LOL
Hope you have a stress free drive, and a great weekend..

Olivia said...

Kate, I tagged you with an award because you make my day! Come over to the happyluau and get it! Love, O

freebird said...

Love the quote for the day. Why do we always feel like we have to get somewhere? And so often it's like we are being measured to see if we've kept up with the "joneses" which I wouldn't want to anyhow.

I'll have to check back to see what you do with those crayons and see if you like them. I don't have any watersoluble crayons yet.